• Tara Hissen

I Have A Confession To Make – I Have A Therapist. And It’s Fucking Awesome.

I have a confession to make – I have a therapist. And it’s fucking awesome.

Therapy is so much more than sitting on a couch. In this day and age, we literally have therapist at our fingertips. Open your app store, type in “therapist” and you can choose from dozens of apps that connect you directly with professionals, available at your convenience. Yet there’s a stigma and misconception attached to what it means to talk to a mental health professional. The need to talk about your emotions is seen as weak or shameful. That stigma is often why people don’t seek help in the first place.

And this sort of thing has to stop. Like yesterday!

Reality check: Therapy is an incredibly useful tool that helps with a range of issues, from anxiety to sleep, relationships to trauma. It’s extremely effective, especially when you seek help immediately, and work with someone to find solutions to your problems.

According to the ADAA, Anxiety Disorders are one of the most common mental health illness’ affecting 40 million adults in the US; that is 40 million adults aged 18-54. Yet less than 37% suffering, receive treatment.

In today’s world of social media bullying, fallacy of photoshop, dating apps, and more, life can get overwhelming, and without even realizing it, some of these issues are being triggered by our daily routines. I know I get major anxiety, and if it weren’t for my therapist, I would never have known what triggers my anxiety.

Surely i’m not the only one?!

We’re living in a different world than the time our grandparents and parents lived in. Where things seemed a lot more simple. As independent, successful women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live up to the standards of society, our friends, family, even ourselves!

We can easily put our needs second to those of our family, work, relationships etc and we can lose ourselves in the mix, losing touch with our intuition, that all powerful, famously female trait.

By losing touch with our intuition, we can be left asking why? Why do we feel the way we do?! Why is this happening to me?! It’s a scary feeling.

Moral of the story is, if you’re feeling anxious, suffer panic attacks, feel lost, or just need someone you can talk to, please go seek a professionals help.

Here are 4 reasons why you should see a therapist:

1. They can provide an objective view of whatever you’re trying to work through. Friends and family mean well, but they are not professionals and their opinions can actually do more harm than help. A therapist learns how to understand your thought process and works through issues rather than gives you their opinion. 2. They become your voice of reasoning with any stressor that arises in your life whether it be work, relationship or even personal growth challenges. Therapists are professionals that recognize your stressors and help you eliminate them step by step by working with you to understand what triggers your anxiety or depression. 3. They can help you learn new coping mechanisms. Meaning your therapist can actually help you understand what triggers your anxiety or other mental health disorder. My therapist has a great way of helping me cope when I get anxious. She walks me through the situation and outlines the facts so that I can feel safe with any decisions I make moving forward. 4.This is your health we are talking about. A healthy body and healthy mind is a happy you. Yes that is right. I will tie this back to being healthy. Nutrition is your livelihood, in which we seem to disregard as human beings. We take our lives for granted. Our gut health is so important too and it’s linked to having a healthy mental state. A therapist can help enhance having a healthy mindset. They can help you understand your mind and how to stay positive and see the light rather than suffer through your anxiety.

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