• Tara Hissen

4 Food Swaps For A Healthier You

“I am SO excited to eat a huge bowl of kale & carrot sticks!”


Unfortunately, these days you often have to choose between yummy (not so healthy) foods or six-pack abs.

Why can’t we have it all?

In North American society, healthy convenience is like a unicorn🦄 —it just doesn’t exist. Sometimes you just want comfort.

Who wants healthier food options when you can just submerge into the deliciousness of junk food? Is it really boring blanched almonds or a Big Mac eaten guiltily in your car on the way home?

Nope. You shouldn’t have to cry into your bowl of cauliflower every night.

And you don’t have to suffer to be strong.

What if I told you, you could eat your way to health? I am not perfect and yes, I do eat junk food but I have made some healthier food swaps as part of my daily lifestyle and I wanted to share them with you.

Try these four swaps for a week. And if you don’t feel any better? By all means, go back to eating junk!

  1. White Rice for Buckwheat.

  2. Let’s talk about white rice. I am not saying to completely stop eating white rice. It just doesn’t have an ounce of nutritional value. Composed of carbs, small amounts of protein, and virtually no fat, it’s buckwheat to the rescue! I’ve swapped white rice for buckwheat. Why buckwheat? Isn’t it wheat? Don’t let the name fool you. Buckwheat belongs to a group of foods commonly called pseudocereals which also include quinoa and amaranth. Buckwheat is not related to wheat and is therefore gluten-free and celiac friendly. Its low on the Glycemic Index and the nutritional value is considerably higher many other grains. Although it is high in carbs, it’s also high in protein, fiber and has good fats. It’s also very delicious.

  3. Animal Milk for Almond or Coconut Milk.

  4. Then there is the milk question. My diet is, for the most part, dairy-free unless I’m going to indulge in a fro-yo. As human beings, we are not meant to digest animal milk, not to mention those poor cows that are pumped with hormones our bodies can’t digest. I went cold turkey on dairy and opted for coconut milk or almond milk, whichever the grocery store has. These are the best alternatives on the market not to mention that they’re vegan and don’t contain lactose. Quick Note: Be careful: there are different types of almond/coconut milk; try to stick with the unsweetened kinds. This is the healthier option of course.

  5. Potato Chips for Home Made Chips.

  6. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a bag of potato chips? But have you seen the nutritional facts on these bags? High in trans-fat. I’ve ditched the bag and opted in for homemade chips cooked with coconut or olive oil. I love to make sweet potato or even kale chips. They’re healthy and you control the oils that go into making this delicious snack. Remember it’s okay to indulge here but try to portion control your servings. P.S. If you are looking for a quicker option, try homemade stove popped popcorn as your go-to snack.

  7. Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate.

  8. I love chocolate, especially Nutella. I could literally eat the whole jar in one sitting and this fat kid has before! Who doesn’t love Nutella? I mean, it’s pure sugar that gives you an amazing high. But the after feeling makes you feel sluggish. Although dark chocolate is bitter, it helps curb your sweet cravings and is a better fix for your sweet tooth. It also has a wide variety of powerful antioxidants. Of course, you should invest in good quality stuff.

Tara Top 3 Tip Take-Away’s:

  1. The more care and love you put into making your lunch, the less you’ll crave eating lunch out. Trust me, you won’t ditch your perfect meal

  2. Check-in with yourself. If you notice you are feeling sluggish midday and have no energy, check your source of energy intake. Maybe healthy food swaps are for you.

  3. If you don’t understand the nutrition facts, then you probably shouldn’t be eating it! Educate yourself on what you’re putting in your body. Have some nerdy fun and become your own nutritionist. And hey, if you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed (or just plain lazy!) there are nutrition lovers like me who are happy to guide you!

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