Kayla Maurer

"Tara was my first coach so I don’t know how other coaches are but I have tried other diets and nothing else worked. I started at 178.8 lbs May 11, and I am 164.8 today, Sept 21.  I have also lost quite a few inches it most of all I have gained confidence and food freedom."

Amber .JPG

Amber Lynch

 "Tara was my first coach. At first, I was hesitant to work with her,  I was afraid that I would fail and not lose any weight and improve the relationship with myself and food. Tara gave me the sense of direction of my health and weight loss journey.  I've lost 20 lbs in 11 weeks. I would highly recommend coaching with Tara. If you're feeling nervous to jump in, don't worry...she's totally worth it."


Randa Alameh

"Over my time with Tara, I’ve built a healthy and more importantly sustainable lifestyle and am closer to my goals every day. I love good food and I’ve been able to enjoy my life and still lose weight, with PCOS, with a stressful job and with lots of travel. Love working with her!"



"I found that I could relate to Tara, which is the most unique thing to me. She shares her struggles and how she overcomes them, and she understands that we are all bound to have a bad day or fall off the wagon. She is great support to help you back up and will not in the slightest make you feel guilty about it."



"Not only did I meet my target under her leadership, but 5 months later I have lost an additional 10 lbs (4.54kg) using the lifestyle changes, knowledge and confidence that I gained while working with Tara. I would highly recommend working with Tara. Her knowledge, kind and helpful spirit and her ability to motivate you has the power to change your life."

If you've ever doubted your potential, I see you.

If you've ever second-guessed your potential, I hear you.

If you want to maximize your life to its full potential, I got you.

If I'm Known for One Thing,

My Programs Get My Clients Results


Did You Know...

Harvard University discovered in a recent study that...


struggle with binge eating and other types of eating struggles?

This means that...

9% of the Entire United States

struggles with its relationship with food.

Source: Harvard University's Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders (STRIPED), the Academy for Eating Disorders, and Deloitte Access Economics

This also means that...

All of the Trendy Fad Diets and "Health Hacks" Aren't Helping

If anything, they are harming us and our ability to live healthy, happy, and nutritionally-sound lives.

The Truth Is...

The 99% of dietitians ONLY focus on the food that goes into your body...

But not a 360-degree of your entire life — the things you do, the ways you fuel your body mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The question YOU need to answer is...

💭 Are you ready to invest in the future of your healthy self today?

💭 Are you ready to be committed to your own personal growth?

💭 Are you ready to transform your entire life with a proven methodology, break down barriers, and build the life of your dreams?













But Tara...Can I Actually Change My Life and Become the Woman I deserve to be?

Let Me Answer that For You...


 Level Up Yourself and Your Life, Unlock Your Potential...and Ultimately
Transform Your Life.

Because Let's Be Honest...

💜 You are worth it!
💜 You work too hard to have to cut corners!
💜 You are worthy of living a life on your terms!
💜 Living life shouldn't feel like a chore!

A 90 Day Transformation Backed By Science, Holistic Health, and
Real Life Experiecnes


Over the next 90 days, I’m going to share with you my proven, battle-tested 4 pillar process, the “T.A.R.A. methodology,” which includes mindset, nutrition, habits, and relationships & communication. It enables you to create the lifestyle you want to live and still get the results you deserve. My methodology has helped 100+ women get unstuck and reclaim their confidence, feel good in their skin, and put them on the path of a life they're obsessed with.

Imagine This for a Second...

What if you could wear that swimsuit and not feel bad? 👙

What if I told you that you could manifest the outcomes you desire

What if the only thing stopping you from reclaiming your confidence was the belief that you are not worthy of living a life you're obsessed with.

That’s what the 99% of “society” out there will tell you, but that’s not actually how you get results.

It’s not enough to just “feel good” (we all know feeling good is not enough). The real secret sauce is building consistent habits based on who you want to become.

What if you knew that in order to get to the next level, to break through, and become a relentlessly strong woman, you just needed clarity….

To drastically and dramatically transform your life, you had to become the woman who is ready to level up?

You must be willing to let go of old tendencies, self-sabotaging habits, and bring forth

the newly programed YOU.

You must be ready to put yourself as a priority and invest in the success of your future self….

And that once you committed to living a better life designed by you, you would have more confidence in the boardroom, you would have more energy throughout the highs and lows of the day, and you rightfully command authority.

The question is…

If you knew the exact pathway, the methodology, and the blueprint on how to become that woman...

Would you do it?

If all it took was 90 days, would you COMMIT and go ALL-IN to learn my four-step T.A.R.A. methodology to rewire your behaviors so you can create your stories and step into your power…

Pat Fitrakis

"I highly recommend Tara Hissen.  I worked with Tara for just over a year after bariatric surgery and I have achieved my goal weight.  Tara’s 360 degree approach is unrivaled by any other program I was involved in and I’ve tried them all.  Don’t expect a preplanned menu or workout program.  Tara educates you on nutrition, mindset, and how to achieve proper caloric deficits necessary for weight loss and better health.    She empowers you to make your own choices enabling you to have a lifetime of success.  Get off the diet roller coaster and work with Tara.   I will continue to work with Tara as I transition over to maintenance."

Mirvat Katib.jpg

Mirvat Katib

 "I’ve been working with Coach Tara on and off for a couple years now. She’s always pushed me to get out of my funk when I have lost myself, wanted to get back into being healthy and able to eat clean and workout. She’s been my accountability for a while and was able to transform my mindset to love myself again and focus on my health. She’s been nothing but a blessing in my life. Super grateful and very much recommended if you are stuck in your head. 💪🏼"

Amber A. 

"Tara worked with me as my Nutrition Coach for 7 months. I must have tried at least 20 different diets in the past 25 years. Because of my history with dieting and all of the conflicting information on nutrition that’s out there (Don’t eat red meat…. now eat red meat! Cut out fat…. you need more fat! Eat whole grains…. don’t eat carbs!….Seriously???), I really needed someone who could cut through the confusion and help find a way of eating that was right for my body and my health goals."


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